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Icon60 BookI'm a Norwegian boy born in Trondheim on the 9th of October 1973. In my first years I lived in Trondheim, then some time in Oslo, but that was all before the time I remember. Later I lived on Kattem a suburb of Trondheim through kinder garden and primary school (1st to 3rd grade at Åsheim barneskole, 4th and 5th grade at Kattem barneskole), except for the 6th grade when I lived with my mother in Surnadal and went to Øye barneskole. My mother stayed for another year in Surnadal when I moved back to Kattem to start my high school years (7th to 9th grade) at Åsheim ungdomsskole.

When I was done with the obligatory primary and high school I applied for college and was accepted at Melhus videregående skole where I did my 1st year. Nidareid videregående skole was my choice for the 2nd and 3rd year. During my college years I ran a Bulletin Board Service and because of that I came in contact with a company (CD-ROM Norge AS) which I started to work for in my spare time.

After college I wanted to join the military and finish my obligatory service there. They had no free slots before in January so I had to work for half a year. I worked for CD-ROM Norge AS and Norsk Personal. I served as a cook in the army during 1993, on my time off I still worked for the already mentioned companies.

CD-ROM Norge AS offered me a permanent job when I was finished with my obligatory military service. I still worked a little for Norsk Personal but not very much. I stayed with CD-ROM Norge AS for some years and has since been moving on in different more advanced IT and/or Telecom jobs.

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